Cowboy Boot Buying Guide

Choosing Cowboy Boots

Choosing the right pair of cowboy boots is important as they are not the cheapest footwear you can buy and they can make quite a statement about you and your personality

There is a saying that the right pair of cowboy boots will speak to you, not literaly of course but you will know when you see them they are the ones

Cowboy boots come with variations in heel height toe shape, shank shape and genearl height of the boot, think about what you will be wearing the boots with most of the time and choose a boot that will comfortable and fit in with your lifestyle

The Fit

A good cowboy boot should fit snuggly but not be to tight or too loose, the leather will over time loosen up and natuaraly take the shape of your foot. There should be slight movement in your heel with a new boot, this is natural and should disappear when the boot is worn in. If in doubt go for a boot that is one size bigger than you normaly buy, you will most likely be wearing the cowboy boots in the winter so will probably be wearing thick socks anyway.

Heel Height

Heel height is important if you are going to be wearing the cowboy boots all day, all cowboy boots have a heel, usualy either a Cuban heel or a Block square heel and vary in height from about 3/4" to 1 3/4", choose what is right for you, if you are not used to wearing a boot or shoe with a heel then maybe go for the lower option.

Toe Shape

The toe shape of cowboy boots varies but is usually either pointed, rounded or tapered and squared off at the end. If you have very broad feet then maybe a pointed boot wont be right for you as it will naturally squeeze your toes together at the end, so choose wisely. If you are buyng online from us maybe go and try a few pairs on in a shop before making a decision.

The Material

Most good quality cowboy boots will be made from some sort of animal skin, usually leather but more exotic and expensive boot can be made of snake skin, crocodile skin or even ostrich hide. We recommend you buy a good quality leather boot if you can afford to as they will last you longer and be cheaper in the long run.

Cowboy Boot Size Conversion Chart

Cowboy Boots Size Conversion Chart